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“He Will Deliver Me”

Love these videos being progressively released (one each Tuesday) from the Helsers! See more at cagelessbirds.com. As we are waiting for Emory to be born, I think of him singing this song to the Lord.


Walls Down

In my life lately, there has been a theme of “walls” coming down. “Walls” in this context means those invisible (and sometimes visible) barriers that get in the way between us and God, between us and other people. These walls can be self-protection, defensiveness, easily offended-ness, accusation, speculation, pride, fear, fear of man, fear of receiving, fear of giving, worry, anxiety, you-name-that-wall.

Melissa Helser singing about walls coming down…

“Love be in my bones, love shake down my walls… Shake down my walls! Shake ’em down! … I don’t need my walls, You can have them all… do whatever You have to do, I’ve got to get to You! … there’s so much space here with all my walls down.”

God is the God who BREAKS DOWN obstacles. Big Papa, Jesus, and Holy Spirit are FIERCE about ripping down and destroying the barriers that separate humanity from Them… so fierce about it that Jesus left Glory to die a violent death as an innocent Man. The act of Jesus dying on the cross was so violent in the spiritual realm that the earth responded with storms and earthquakes, and the curtain in the Holy of Holies was RIPPED DOWN.

Now we are invited in to the most intimate places with God. To know Him as He really is, to swim in the endless ocean of His grace and love and holiness and justice. He is the Endless Ocean, the Bottomless Sea- there is no end to His being.

I am so thankful today for the new music that was just released 2 days ago from Jonathan David and Melissa Helser: “Endless Ocean, Bottlomless Sea.” If I could make people do things, I would make them sit still for 1 hour to soak in this album. 🙂

I cannot recommend the Helser’s music highly enough. It is the sound of heaven coming to earth. They make sounds and melodies and lyrics that come straight from the Circle of Delight (the circle of God loving us, us receiving His love, and us loving Him in return… around and around we go!).

HERE is where you can find their new album.

Songs for Nations

There is a flood of fresh music coming into my life lately, and I am just trying to keep up with it!

The most recent jams on repeat in our house come from Sean Feucht’s album, Songs for Nations. This past week, my husband was away at a men’s retreat in Colorado. While he was gone, I just had a feeling that he was getting to sing some of the choruses on this album… and I was right! It is so cool that as he was in another state learning new music, I was learning the same stuff! The video at the top is a sneak peek of one of my favorite songs called “Finish what You Started.”

The songs on this album were all written in different nations. The musical styles are varied and the melody and words carry prophetic declarations over the nations and individual hearts.

A note about worship music…

As a worship leader, one of the things I have come to believe about music is that it is not just the words that carry a message, but the melody as well. I believe that the Holy Spirit gives people melodies with intention and purpose. I don’t understand how it all works, but it seems to me that an arrangement of notes can carry and reveal a facet of the character of God. This is part of why I think “fresh” worship music is so important, because God is pouring out new revelations of Himself through it. A new sound, a new song, a new side of His face.

Of course, there are classics that I will always love and keep going back to throughout my life. But wow, I am seriously blown away by the fresh stuff coming out lately. Holy Spirit is ON THE MOVE! Let us move with Him!

All Things New (Part III)

Fast forward to the end of February this year…

I went to a women’s retreat in Colorado with 2 friends, Lisa and Breanna. At this retreat, the Lord shifted big things inside all of us! The Lord spoke many meaningful things to me during this time through pictures, dreams, words from Him through His Spirit, His Word, and His people.

The day after the retreat, I was asking the Lord to condense everything that He showed me in that time and He did! He released the reality of these promises in my life:

1. I am CLEAN– He showed me that He had washed me and I was COMPLETELY clean in Him! “Who can possibly ascend the mountain of the Eternal? Who can stand before Him in sacred spaces? Only those whose hands have been washed and hearts made pure, men and women not given to lies or deception.” Psalm 24:3-4

2. I am COVERED- He showed me that there is more than enough room for me to dwell inside of His Shepherd’s cloak, and that I never have to leave that place. I am COMPLETELY welcomed, protected, wanted, and covered by Him. When I think of this promise I picture being small compared to Jesus and running with Him in open fields under the covering of His Shepherd’s garment. We are running together with bare feet, I can feel the wind and warmth of His robe moving all around me. And we are laughing, too.

3. I have SOMETHING TO OFFER-  He showed me that I am called to be a LIFE BRINGER. Wherever I go, I get to release His life through me. What I have to offer, because it is from Him and is His, is COMPLETELY good.

These promises are simple (but profound) realities, and are things I knew before. There are infinite layers of KNOWING, and He gave grace for these truths and promises to hit deeper places in my heart. He spoke precious things to my heart during this retreat, and my heart felt like it was reborn in many ways. When I got back to Iowa, my sweet husband said with a smile, “You look DIFFERENT!” I replied (with a smile), “I FEEL different!”

Since coming back from the retreat, our living room has heard a lot more music, felt a lot more dance parties, and seen a lot more of me early in the morning. More EXPRESSION, more PLAYFUL, more FREEDOM! God is breaking boxes, flipping minds, shifting paradigms, and making everything new!

Papa is SO BIG…

… and His way of doing things is so much fun!

When I see children singing worship songs, I think, “How CUTE!” When heaven hears children sing worship songs, the angels think, “There they go again, taking those strongholds out!”

“From the mouths and souls of infants and toddlers, You have decreed power to stop Your adversaries and squash those who seek revenge.” Psalm 8:2

For me, the thing that shuts down anxiety in my life faster than anything is the BIG-ness of God. And then when I remember that He is bigger than anything and He loves me with a jealous love…fear doesn’t stand a chance!

“When I gaze to the skies and meditate on Your creation- on the moon, stars, and all You have made, I can’t help but wonder why You care about mortals- sons and daughters of men- specks of dust floating about the cosmos. But you placed the son of man just beneath God and honored him like royalty, crowning him with glory and honor. You ordained him to govern the works of Your hands, to nurture the offspring of Your divine imagination; You placed everything on earth beneath His feet.” Psalm 8:3-6