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Walls Down

In my life lately, there has been a theme of “walls” coming down. “Walls” in this context means those invisible (and sometimes visible) barriers that get in the way between us and God, between us and other people. These walls can be self-protection, defensiveness, easily offended-ness, accusation, speculation, pride, fear, fear of man, fear of receiving, fear of giving, worry, anxiety, you-name-that-wall.

Melissa Helser singing about walls coming down…

“Love be in my bones, love shake down my walls… Shake down my walls! Shake ’em down! … I don’t need my walls, You can have them all… do whatever You have to do, I’ve got to get to You! … there’s so much space here with all my walls down.”

God is the God who BREAKS DOWN obstacles. Big Papa, Jesus, and Holy Spirit are FIERCE about ripping down and destroying the barriers that separate humanity from Them… so fierce about it that Jesus left Glory to die a violent death as an innocent Man. The act of Jesus dying on the cross was so violent in the spiritual realm that the earth responded with storms and earthquakes, and the curtain in the Holy of Holies was RIPPED DOWN.

Now we are invited in to the most intimate places with God. To know Him as He really is, to swim in the endless ocean of His grace and love and holiness and justice. He is the Endless Ocean, the Bottomless Sea- there is no end to His being.

I am so thankful today for the new music that was just released 2 days ago from Jonathan David and Melissa Helser: “Endless Ocean, Bottlomless Sea.” If I could make people do things, I would make them sit still for 1 hour to soak in this album. 🙂

I cannot recommend the Helser’s music highly enough. It is the sound of heaven coming to earth. They make sounds and melodies and lyrics that come straight from the Circle of Delight (the circle of God loving us, us receiving His love, and us loving Him in return… around and around we go!).

HERE is where you can find their new album.