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Children look like their parents.

Children resemble their parents.

This is a natural principle. Natural principles reflect spiritual principles. God made both the natural and spiritual and they are connected.

Believers are reborn as children of God.

As we look at, behold, know, and love our Father more and more, we reflect Him more accurately.

As we behold Jesus (the exact representation of the Father), we are transformed from glory to glory.

It is very important for believers to have a clear understanding of where we come from.

Being spiritually reborn, we come from a Perfect Father.

Being reborn, we come from a Perfect Family (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).

Being reborn, we no longer rely on imperfect systems or imperfect examples of relationships to be our teachers. We do not blame other people for our shortcomings or deficiencies because they are not where our security is found.

The origin of the believer is the Holy Family.

We have a perfect example of relationship. We have access at all times to Perfect Love and total security. Access at all times to The Counselor, Helper, Teacher, Shepherd, Loving Daddy…

It’s always me plus Three.

Believers are children of God.

We look like our Father.

We naturally look like our Father. This has very little to do with “trying” to look like Him and very much to do with knowing Him and being secure in our coming from Him. (What child has to try to physically resemble his or her parents?)

Let us press on to know Him rightly, that we would be His true and loving children.