To Be Seen

This morning at church, I greet someone who is special to me. She wasn’t feeling very good earlier in the week and was in the hospital, now she is back with us at the Vineyard again. I’m so glad she’s feeling better. I look at her, really look at her and say, “It is so good to see you!” She replies genuinely, looking me in the eyes, “It is good to be seen!” I feel the weight of her words in my chest as I remember praying on the walk to church… “Jesus, help us see You are You are. Help us to really see You!” I want the kind of eyesight that is better with my eyes closed than open. The sight of the heart. I remember watching Rise of the Guardians a few days ago with my husband and sister, how the main character, Jack Frost, longed to be seen by the children that he interacted with (although they didn’t know it). He was invisible, but children who believed in him could see him. The world says that seeing is believing, but in the Kingdom, BELIEVING IS SEEING. This theme is saturating my life right now, in words from people, in story books, even in the last movie I watched. I feel a little bit of the ache of Jesus, who so longs to be seen by people. Seen as He really is. Known, acknowledged. For someone to say to Him, “I see You, I know You, I love you.” Doesn’t it feel so good to be really seen? To be seen as more than functions you perform and duties that you fill. To be seen as a being with a mind and heart and body that need to be cared for. The power of being SEEN. God who sees all, help us see you and help us see one another.


Kingdom Come!

Love these words from people at the Kansas City Boiler Room. Great descriptions of Kingdom Culture! And we get to help it become reality on earth.

Kingdom Come

God the eternal Family, God alive, God inside, God the Father, Son and Spirit, Jesus all in all, sent to an orphaned world to reveal the Father, daughters not orphans, sons not slaves, saved by grace, favored not forgotten, names, faces, shared graces, male, female, young, old, wealthy, poor, kids, parents,diverse in culture united in Jesus, church as family, Home, praying from rest, living prayer, forgiven and forgiving, covenant not contract, family not company,  grace not striving, healing of every kind, honor not criticism, giving not fearing, head to the heart, dreaming not hopeless, all things possible, joy not duty, joy in surrender, joy in everything, tables with good food, weeping with losses, celebrating not competing, better together than alone, miracles and mundane, more human is more holy, serving the least, quality of life, everyone welcome, giving and receiving, thankful not demanding, neighborhoods matter, no divide of sacred and secular, social adventuring, matter matters but is not worshipped, power not just forms of godliness lacking substance, Spirit of adoption, everyone plays not just a few all-stars, sending and receiving, nations, blessed to bless, serving the least, uncomfortable hospitality, adoption not religion, the Cross and Resurrection, Kingdom not empire, devastated families restored, broken institutions renewed, ruined parts of our city rebuilt. “There is one body and one Spirit…one hope…one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.”

Morning Dishes

Ding! Done cooking.  Time to wake up for the day. I need to shake some stuff off this morning. The lingering effects of criticism and guessing what other people were thinking.  I know the truth in my mind… “assumptions are dangerous and usually wrong.” Yep, let’s align with that again. No more making assumptions, releasing the critical eye turned towards another which always ends up turning back on me. No surprise there. The effects are visible, my nails are a good 2-3 mm shorter than they were yesterday. Last night I heard the words “stop picking on yourself” from the silent hands of a gentle husband. “You are home now, you can file or cut your nails, but you can’t pick at them. You can’t pick at yourself.” I yield to his gentle guidance. I don’t usually do chores first thing, but this morning, the few dirty dishes around the kitchen must be washed before I do anything else. I gather the cereal bowl in the living room, the plate and fork on the table. I rinse off most of the yuck and then fill up the sink with clean dish water. I remember my Husband who washes me. I need to be washed by Him… daily and more. The dish soap smells like fresh citrus and I half pay attention to the scent as the dishes, one by one by one, get touched by my hands and washed and rinsed and set on a clean towel. I go through the motions of this mundane task and remember that I get to cling to Jesus all of the time, and that is where He wants me. He wants me to cling to Him, and it feels so good, for both of us. I remember His promises to me that I am clean by the words He has spoken to me, and by His blood. His blood has stained me with purity. Again, today. TODAY. I align with His Reality and I yield to Him.

Walls Down

In my life lately, there has been a theme of “walls” coming down. “Walls” in this context means those invisible (and sometimes visible) barriers that get in the way between us and God, between us and other people. These walls can be self-protection, defensiveness, easily offended-ness, accusation, speculation, pride, fear, fear of man, fear of receiving, fear of giving, worry, anxiety, you-name-that-wall.

Melissa Helser singing about walls coming down…

“Love be in my bones, love shake down my walls… Shake down my walls! Shake ’em down! … I don’t need my walls, You can have them all… do whatever You have to do, I’ve got to get to You! … there’s so much space here with all my walls down.”

God is the God who BREAKS DOWN obstacles. Big Papa, Jesus, and Holy Spirit are FIERCE about ripping down and destroying the barriers that separate humanity from Them… so fierce about it that Jesus left Glory to die a violent death as an innocent Man. The act of Jesus dying on the cross was so violent in the spiritual realm that the earth responded with storms and earthquakes, and the curtain in the Holy of Holies was RIPPED DOWN.

Now we are invited in to the most intimate places with God. To know Him as He really is, to swim in the endless ocean of His grace and love and holiness and justice. He is the Endless Ocean, the Bottomless Sea- there is no end to His being.

I am so thankful today for the new music that was just released 2 days ago from Jonathan David and Melissa Helser: “Endless Ocean, Bottlomless Sea.” If I could make people do things, I would make them sit still for 1 hour to soak in this album. 🙂

I cannot recommend the Helser’s music highly enough. It is the sound of heaven coming to earth. They make sounds and melodies and lyrics that come straight from the Circle of Delight (the circle of God loving us, us receiving His love, and us loving Him in return… around and around we go!).

HERE is where you can find their new album.

Asking the Right Questions

The other day I was feeling bombarded with a memory. You know the ones… replaying the ones where you said something you regret or where someone said or did something that was hurtful. I realized that I was replaying this painful thing over and over again. And then I realized that I needed to take that thought captive and submit it to Jesus (2 Corinthians 10:5).

I tried using some of the healing tools I have learned over time… ask Jesus to be with me in the memory, ask Jesus to speak truth to me to replace any lies I believe. It wasn’t working- I wasn’t feeling breakthrough in my thinking or emotions. So, I decided to ask for help. I asked the Holy Spirit, the Helper- the Counselor, to help me ask Him the right question. And He helped me! The question that I needed to ask Him was, “How do I keep my heart soft?” And after I asked Him that question, He gave me specific strategy to do that in the future.  So, I got to say “bye bye” to the lies attached to the painful memory and “hello” to new strategy.

I’m sharing this because it was a breakthrough moment for me. To ask Him to help me ask Him the right question.  He could have just broke through for me, but God’s Presence in my life isn’t just so He can fix things for me (even though He LOVES to make things new), it’s so we can be in relationship together. He isn’t just my “answer machine”, He is my Papa, my Friend, my Companion.

So, next time you feel stuck in something, I encourage you to ask Him, “Holy Spirit, what is the right question to ask You right now?”

Back to Eden


I want to share this documentary about growing food. It is amazing to think that God’s first design for humanity was for them to live in a garden and establish gardens all over the land. I’m thinking that God must like gardens. 🙂

Unfortunately, using what has come to be “traditional” methods of gardening (plant in rows with the soil exposed), is very labor intensive, even with a small plot (as Ben and I have experienced!). I am so excited for the gardening principles laid out in this film to be broadcasted! Get ready for a new wineskin and way of thinking about how to garden.

Learn more (and watch the film for free) HERE.

2013. The Year of…

I know we are coming to the end of January, but for me it feels like the beginning. The last half of December and the first half of January have been a transitionary time here at the Dau house. We have been traveling lots, grieving, laughing, waiting in lines, receiving gifts, giving gifts, having dreams, facing opposition, seeing breakthrough, feeling like we don’t know what’s next, feeling excited about the future, longing for God’s promises to be actualized, and SO much more. Most of this time I haven’t even remembered that I have a blog.

Well, let’s all just take what I call a “deep breath transition”.  Inhale (1,2,3,4,5…) Exhale (through the mouth…)- or if you don’t need to, just do one for my sake. 😉

God reminded me today that I have a lot of things to share! A lot of gifts that He has given to me to give to you. So I am going to give a little preview of what I’m sensing God will be doing around me and Ben in 2013. If anything I share resonates with you, take it as your own!

2013 is a year of TEACHING and impartation. It is a year for the fed to feed and the hungry to eat. (And we all fall into both categories depending on the subject matter). In 2012 we received a lot of gifts from the Lord, individuals, and different ministries that we were not connected with before. We are still unwrapping some of these gifts and learning how to use them! Dream after dream involving cooking, throwing parties, and preparing feasts… it’s time for us to prepare some real good spiritual food!

2013 is a year of PRESENTS (receiving gifts in the spiritual and natural). And I love the word “presents” because it sounds so much like PRESENCE. All gifts are just tokens of Him, from Him, of His Presence. Jesus is asking, “What do you want?” We need to figure out what we really want because He is serious about really wanting to give us what we want! He is a Good Father who loves to give Good presents! And the best present is His Presence!

I’m excited for everything God wants to do in 2013- on the inside of us, all around us, and with us! It’s gonna be a battle, and it’s gonna be a party!


Getting back in Action,




Joyful 2013

Yay for the beginning of a New Year! Beginnings are an exciting time and there are a lot of new beginnings right now. I want to “wish” you a “Joyful 2013” (instead of a “happy” one). This is because happiness is based on pleasant circumstances, but joy is based in a much higher reality than being able to control the things that happen around us. JOY is one of the most valuable commodities in heaven. So much so that it was one of the primary gifts the Father gave Jesus for enduring the cross!

“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” Hebrews 12:2

Thanks to a couple of new resources I have found, I have been learning about having  “Victorious Mindsets” (a book by Steve Backlund. The way that we think is one of the big keys to having Joy.

Holy Spirit, Helper. Come transform us as You renew our minds with Your truth- the truth of the Word! Help us walk in victory, live joyfully, and be forward-moving people. We are excited for all You have in store for 2013!

Joyful 2013 to you all! Let’s learn together how to fight for and live in the territory of JOY!