To Be Seen

This morning at church, I greet someone who is special to me. She wasn’t feeling very good earlier in the week and was in the hospital, now she is back with us at the Vineyard again. I’m so glad she’s feeling better. I look at her, really look at her and say, “It is so good to see you!” She replies genuinely, looking me in the eyes, “It is good to be seen!” I feel the weight of her words in my chest as I remember praying on the walk to church… “Jesus, help us see You are You are. Help us to really see You!” I want the kind of eyesight that is better with my eyes closed than open. The sight of the heart. I remember watching Rise of the Guardians a few days ago with my husband and sister, how the main character, Jack Frost, longed to be seen by the children that he interacted with (although they didn’t know it). He was invisible, but children who believed in him could see him. The world says that seeing is believing, but in the Kingdom, BELIEVING IS SEEING. This theme is saturating my life right now, in words from people, in story books, even in the last movie I watched. I feel a little bit of the ache of Jesus, who so longs to be seen by people. Seen as He really is. Known, acknowledged. For someone to say to Him, “I see You, I know You, I love you.” Doesn’t it feel so good to be really seen? To be seen as more than functions you perform and duties that you fill. To be seen as a being with a mind and heart and body that need to be cared for. The power of being SEEN. God who sees all, help us see you and help us see one another.


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