Morning Dishes

Ding! Done cooking.  Time to wake up for the day. I need to shake some stuff off this morning. The lingering effects of criticism and guessing what other people were thinking.  I know the truth in my mind… “assumptions are dangerous and usually wrong.” Yep, let’s align with that again. No more making assumptions, releasing the critical eye turned towards another which always ends up turning back on me. No surprise there. The effects are visible, my nails are a good 2-3 mm shorter than they were yesterday. Last night I heard the words “stop picking on yourself” from the silent hands of a gentle husband. “You are home now, you can file or cut your nails, but you can’t pick at them. You can’t pick at yourself.” I yield to his gentle guidance. I don’t usually do chores first thing, but this morning, the few dirty dishes around the kitchen must be washed before I do anything else. I gather the cereal bowl in the living room, the plate and fork on the table. I rinse off most of the yuck and then fill up the sink with clean dish water. I remember my Husband who washes me. I need to be washed by Him… daily and more. The dish soap smells like fresh citrus and I half pay attention to the scent as the dishes, one by one by one, get touched by my hands and washed and rinsed and set on a clean towel. I go through the motions of this mundane task and remember that I get to cling to Jesus all of the time, and that is where He wants me. He wants me to cling to Him, and it feels so good, for both of us. I remember His promises to me that I am clean by the words He has spoken to me, and by His blood. His blood has stained me with purity. Again, today. TODAY. I align with His Reality and I yield to Him.


One thought on “Morning Dishes

  1. whoah! Holy writing. TRUTH! I love this! I love you, sister! And your hubby is great….and he was right. There is therefore now no condemnation in Christ Jesus. 🙂 instead of the spirit of fear, He has given us the spirit of adoption (Romans 8 all day long, baby!)

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