2013. The Year of…

I know we are coming to the end of January, but for me it feels like the beginning. The last half of December and the first half of January have been a transitionary time here at the Dau house. We have been traveling lots, grieving, laughing, waiting in lines, receiving gifts, giving gifts, having dreams, facing opposition, seeing breakthrough, feeling like we don’t know what’s next, feeling excited about the future, longing for God’s promises to be actualized, and SO much more. Most of this time I haven’t even remembered that I have a blog.

Well, let’s all just take what I call a “deep breath transition”.  Inhale (1,2,3,4,5…) Exhale (through the mouth…)- or if you don’t need to, just do one for my sake. 😉

God reminded me today that I have a lot of things to share! A lot of gifts that He has given to me to give to you. So I am going to give a little preview of what I’m sensing God will be doing around me and Ben in 2013. If anything I share resonates with you, take it as your own!

2013 is a year of TEACHING and impartation. It is a year for the fed to feed and the hungry to eat. (And we all fall into both categories depending on the subject matter). In 2012 we received a lot of gifts from the Lord, individuals, and different ministries that we were not connected with before. We are still unwrapping some of these gifts and learning how to use them! Dream after dream involving cooking, throwing parties, and preparing feasts… it’s time for us to prepare some real good spiritual food!

2013 is a year of PRESENTS (receiving gifts in the spiritual and natural). And I love the word “presents” because it sounds so much like PRESENCE. All gifts are just tokens of Him, from Him, of His Presence. Jesus is asking, “What do you want?” We need to figure out what we really want because He is serious about really wanting to give us what we want! He is a Good Father who loves to give Good presents! And the best present is His Presence!

I’m excited for everything God wants to do in 2013- on the inside of us, all around us, and with us! It’s gonna be a battle, and it’s gonna be a party!


Getting back in Action,





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