Contend for the Promises

What are the promises that God has given to you?

What are the prophetic words you’ve received that burned in your heart when you received them?

What do you do when it seems like these things aren’t reality in your emotional experience or in tangible life?

This is a season to contend- to fight for, to seek with anticipation of breakthrough- the promises He has made to you. We all have been given many promises by God: that God has a hope and future for us, plans to make us successful at the work He has given each of us to do; plans to give us gifts of the Holy Spirt, the highest gift being the Love of God; plans to shape us progressively more and more into the image of His Son, that we would walk on the earth like Jesus did- bringing deliverance to the whole person (body, soul, and spirit).

When the Israelites FINALLY made it to the Promised Land after 40 long years in the wilderness, they were ready to rest. When some Israelite men went to check out the Promised Land, they discovered it to be inhabited by strong men. What was God thinking, bringing them to a land where there were enemies that needed to be defeated? God promised His people that if they stayed close with Him and obeyed Him that they would have the victory. The people needed to experience entering their desired home only by the power of their Strong God, One stronger than the strong men that inhabited the land.

When God does breakthrough in us, whether physical, emotional, spiritual, it feels so real in that moment. As time goes by, the breakthrough moment seems to fade and we can even question if it was real. Were the promises real? Did I really hear from God? Was that a real encounter that I had with God?

Breakthroughs in life are like acquiring new property, new land, new territory. A good property owner who owns land in hostile territory does something to protect that land, he creates a boundary, fashions a fence that says “This is MY home, this is where I dwell, this space has been entrusted to ME.”

When God brings transformation, it is like acquiring new territory in the spirit, it is like entering the Promised Land. We enter the Promised Land to rest and to fight. If we rest in God in the Promised Land, He will bring the victory through for us. We will have to fight, to contend, to stand firm in the Promises that God has given us. We don’t do this alone- God gave us the gift of His family, brothers and sisters to remind us of Truth. We don’t do this in our strength- God puts His Spirit in us that we might stand strong in His strength.


Our Heavenly Daddy, help us to see You. Help us to see You as bigger than our circumstances. Holy Spirit, be our circumstance, our distraction, our preoccupation. Strengthen our spirits to be in the prominent place over our bodies and our souls- that we would be led by Your Holy Spirit in everything. Give us divine strategy to bind the “strong men” in our Promised Land so we can have the victory in You. Give us heaven’s perspective, that we would see the promises You have given us as more than intangible ideas, but as real as cities. Bless Your church with stamina to overcome disease, fatigue, and deprivation. Help us stand upright in our identity, as light-releasers and life-bringers. Bring Revival.


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