Reader Questions: Grace

“I would like to hear more about grace.”

“Grace” is a common word in worship songs, the Bible, and used in prayer. But what does it really mean? Sometimes the words “grace” and “mercy” are thought of as the same, but they really aren’t.

Here is the breakdown:

GRACE: undeserved favor and acceptance, receiving an undeserved gift.

MERCY: being spared from punishment that we deserve.

Here is an example of mercy and grace working together. Jesus willingly going to the cross to suffer in our place is GRACE (an undeserved gift). Because of the work of the cross, those who accept it are spared from eternal punishment- this is MERCY. BUT, it doesn’t stop there… our Father is generous and He loves to give good gifts! Not only were we spared from hell, but we have the Holy Spirit and all the gifts that He brings, we have victory over sin, and we have access to the Father’s House- this is GRACE, GRACE, GRACE!

Sometimes it is difficult for us to receive compliments, lavish gifts, and extravagant love. We have tendencies to feel unworthy and undeserving. Even when it comes to our relationship with God, we can feel this way. It seems like humility to say, “Oh, no, I can’t receive that gift.” But when it comes to the gifts God wants to give us, it is not humility to not receive His gifts, His forgiveness, and His freedom. 

Think about the cross and the suffering that happened on it. Jesus went through that in order to effectively remove our sin from us. I think of Jesus on the cross, looking at my sin, and saying, “That belongs to ME.” His offer of forgiveness is not about our worthiness, it is about His obedience.

When the feeling of unworthiness prevents us from coming to Him or receiving from Him, it shows that we have our eyes on ourselves and not on HIM! Receiving from Jesus is about what He has accomplished for us, not about what we deserve.

While we have done nothing to deserve what Jesus has done for us, HE DECIDED that we are very valuable to Him and HE DECIDED that it was worth it to go to the cross for us! You can’t change His mind about how He feels towards you. 

If you have a tendency to think that God’s grace isn’t available for you, I encourage you to break agreement with that lie!

“I nail to the cross the lie: ‘I can’t receive from my Father.’ I break all agreements, known and unknown, that I have made with this type of thinking. I repent of joining with this distorted understanding of humility. Father, send this way of thinking far from me! I declare and embrace the truth that my Father is GOOD and He LOVES to give GOOD GIFTS to His children!”

“If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask Him!” Matthew 7:11


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