What’s On Your Mind?

Dear Readers,

Lately when I think about blogging, I have been having a hard time narrowing things down and figuring out what to write. Then a couple of friends shared with me what I thought might be a good idea. That is, to open up my blog posts to the questions and promptings of the readers.

So, I would like to know… what is on your mind?

When it comes to the things of God, healthy relationship with God, and healthy relationship with people…

What do you want to know more about?

What do you have questions about?

What are you interested in?

It comes down to this: I love to teach! I can teach about many things and I would love to be able to research and pray and share on this blog about what I find. I will still write about and share other things, but I wanted to extend this invitation to you. If you have a request of something you would like me to write about, I want to know about it!

What next?

Leave a comment on this post or on any subsequent post about what you want to know more about.

***If you don’t want your comment/question published, tell me so and I won’t publish it. This way, you can remain mostly anonymous if you want.

Looking forward to hearing from you, 



One thought on “What’s On Your Mind?

  1. I am reading “When Heaven Invades Earth” and Bill Johnson writes about working with the Holy Spirit. I want to know how to do that all the time. I want to know how I can be Holy Spirit led and not led by my flesh. I have days and moments of Holy Spirit bliss but then life stresses can bring me away. Thank you for your blog Dani:)

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