Anointed with Joy

Last week, my friend and brother in the Lord, Stuart, spoke about Psalm 45 at IHOPE House of Prayer.

Psalm 45 is a “wedding psalm” and has a lot of language about Jesus being a warrior bridegroom and His people being a bride. This “bridal paradigm” of understanding our relationship with Jesus (individually AND corporately) is SO important to the church being strengthened and standing in her rightful identity. Here are a couple of the foundational aspects of the church’s relationship to Jesus being like the earthly relationship of a husband and wife:

The mutual sharing of everything. A husband and wife both have full access to every part of one another’s life. EVERYTHING Jesus has is accessible to us and we choose to make EVERYTHING we have and are available to Him. He is SO amazingly humble to receive our brokenness and sin as a GIFT to Him (more on this later).

Being equally yoked. This concept is AMAZING to me, that Jesus invites us, His Bride, to be EQUALLY YOKED to Him. He is able to do such a transformative work in us that we will be able to love like He loves and do what He does. This, of course, is only possible by the powerful work of the Holy Spirit in us. CHURCH, listen up! WE ARE A PEOPLE OF HIGH PRIVILEGE! (And BTW, being privileged doesn’t mean we are arrogant, it should mean that we are the most humble and thankful of all the people on earth.)

Back to Psalm 45…

One of my favorite descriptions of Jesus is Psalm 45 is this one:

“You love righteousness and hate wickedness; therefore God, your God, has set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil of joy.” vs. 7

Often times in our life, we feel most joyful when things are “going our way” and our life’s circumstances are favorable. This is a very shallow understanding of joy and especially a very shallow EXPERIENCE of joy. We are invited to something much deeper, and much more STABLE than the shallow joy of having a comfortable life.

Let’s consider the above verse in more depth…

First of all, in your mind, picture Jesus DRIPPING WITH JOY!  Being “anointed” means being covered, drenched, in oil. This picture of Jesus totally rocks our view of how Jesus has sometimes been portrayed in media… the somber fellow staring out into the distance, people around Him wondering what He is thinking but afraid to ask Him. NO! Jesus is SO PERSONABLE… and, He is FUN! People loved to be around Jesus, and kids felt comfortable running up to Him… we all know that kids don’t run into the laps of grumpy and somber looking people. The disciples weren’t sure it was appropriate for children to be playing with Someone so important, but Jesus said “let them come to me.”

And why is He dripping with joy? Is it because He is ignorant of the pain of the world or turns a blind eye to suffering?

Here is a great mystery… That Jesus sees and comprehends the depths of suffering and injustice and still ultimately remains in JOY. He HATES wickedness, yet He isn’t grumpy or condemning. He LOVES righteousness, but He isn’t arrogant or religious. WOW. Jesus, there is no one like YOU!

Because Jesus is in perfect alignment with His Father, He is filled with joy. Because Jesus loves righteousness and hates wickedness just like His Father, He is anointed with JOY!


JESUS, Joyful One! I LOVE YOU! Help us, Your Bride. Bring us into alignment with You and Your Father. We want to be with You where You are- and You are in the place of JOY! Bring us into Your reality. Help us stand in Your reality. Give us a the HIGH view You have of Your Father’s ability to redeem and restore so that we aren’t unnecessarily weighed down by the shifting sand circumstances of daily life on the earth. Help us have eyes to see YOUR BIGNESS compared to ANY problem or pain on the earth. And bring Your Kingdom quickly, so suffering will end. Things aren’t okay on the earth without You, Jesus- so please come home soon. The Spirit and the Bride say “COME, JESUS!”


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