Does Unconditional Love Promote Sin?

Lately I have been reading this book and meditating on different aspects of the Love of God. God’s love is unfathomable, uncontainable, but we are invited to come and search Him out anyway.

“This mystery is so great that it requires effort on our part to approach it, since we have no concept of what an ‘infinite love’ might be.”

Even the word “infinite” is something beyond human comprehension. We have no grid in our experience for something that NEVER ENDS and is truly BOUNDLESS. Even the word “forever”… what does that even mean?! Here is one of the descriptions of God’s love that we can behold…

“Because God is infinite, His love is not divided, with each of us receiving but a portion. We each receive the totality, the fullness of divine love, twenty-four hours a day, every day of our lives.” p.92

What does it feel like to be loved like this? What would it look like if we remained in this place of perfect love all of the time?

One of the things that can come up in the human heart when considering the infinite, unconditional love of God is the question which is the title of this post. “Because God loves me no matter what, does that mean I can do whatever I want and He doesn’t care?” “Because God’s love is SO HUGE, does it mean that He pretends I don’t sin or ever fail?”

In a word, the answer to these questions is “No.” God does not smile at our sin in any way.

With the understanding I have so far, I believe that there is a big difference between knowing about the unconditional love of God and personally experiencing the unconditional love of God. It is the difference between reading the menu and eating a meal. We all start in the same place…

“…we begin from zero- we, like the rest of humanity, have lived our lives entirely unaware of God’s longing for us.”

When we read about unconditional love solely as a concept or theological point, we are in danger of misunderstanding this amazing grace as a “cheap grace” that allows us to live disconnected from relationship with God. But when we press in to unconditional Love as a Person, intimate relationship with the Person of Perfect Love is not optional- it is essential- it is life to the soul as water is to the body.

Here is the difference between knowing about and beginning to taste of the infinite love of God…

“He longs for you. He thirsts for you…. My Children, once you have experienced the thirst, the love of Jesus for you, you will never need, you will never thirst for these things which can only lead you away from Jesus, the True and Living Fountain.” Mother Teresa



2 thoughts on “Does Unconditional Love Promote Sin?

  1. thought: If God did NOT care about people’s sin, He would NOT be loving. LOVE and TRUTH always go together. The Truth is GOD IS HOLY. The Truth is GOD LOVES HIS HOLINESS. For God to say that it is ok that we sin is neither Truthful or Loving; because our sin separates us from God. …So the fact that God DOES care about our sin is completely Truthful and completely Loving. And the fact that God DID something about it (sending Jesus to the cross to redeem us from our sins) shows that He LOVES HIS HOLINESS and that He loves us.

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