This message of the Love of God has been burning in me. To convey something I have barely tasted of myself is difficult and my words often feel so weak. As I prayed before a message I delivered on Saturday night, the words that were coming out of my mouth were from Psalm 34… “Magnify the Lord.”

When I think of this word, “magnify”, I think of zooming in, like you do in photography when you want a close up image. When you zoom in, the things on the periphery fade away. Let’s zoom in on Him! Let’s remember how big He really is. Our “magnifying” Him doesn’t actually make Him any bigger than He already is, it just brings us into alignment with what is already true- that He is the biggest, greatest, most loving Dad in the whole world.

I just want to scream out from the rooftops, “Let’s make Him BIG! Let Him be BIG in your life, in your world! Let’s zoom in and get a close up of this One who is All-Consuming Love!”

What seems big to you right now? Earthly responsibilities? Relational distress? Suffering in the world? Sickness? Pain?


Remembering His bigness does not negate what is going on around us, and it is not an ignorant escaping into a world where we don’t face  problems or work through conflict- it just means we do those things from the right perspective. When we are relentless in setting our gaze on Him, we have everything we need to walk through any situation we face.

Come! Magnify the Lord with me! Let’s make Him BIG! Let’s remind each other of how GREAT He is! How weighty, how significant, how substantial and permanent He is! Let’s look at Him- again and again and again. Let’s turn our eyes to Him TODAY.


5 thoughts on “MAGNIFY

  1. Thanks for the post. I wanted you to know that I definitely can tell that the love of God has been “burning within you.” When you hugged me bye after church yesterday it hit me right in the heart, and walking all the way back to campus Jesus felt so close and so real. Word’s don’t really do it justice. But I want to think you for “leaking” on me, and to encourage you to keep going. 🙂 Thanks Dani!

  2. Dani,
    Your words are sufficient for me today! What a wonderfully worded reminder of Who He is. We can never say it well enough or appropriately enough to capture all of Him, can we? So we say it often Nd in as many ways as He lays on our hearts! Father, we magnify You!

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