Love Journey

Learning to love with 1 Corinthians 13 love… is not for quitters. Learning to love with 1 Corinthians 13 love is the journey that transforms fainting hearts into warrior lovers.

The Love of God… is always PATIENT and not in a rush…

always KIND and sincere…

never ENVIES or compares…

never BOASTS or brags…

is not PRIDE-FILLED or self-elevating…

is not easily ANGERED or provoked…

KEEPS NO RECORD OF WRONGS and doesn’t hold a grudge…

never rejoices with EVIL or when others fail.


always PROTECTS- is careful with and considerate of the other

always TRUSTS- keeps confidence in the other

always HOPES- does not give up on the other

always PERSEVERES- keeps moving forward in the journey

And just to be clear, this isn’t a checklist that you “work through” in your own strength. It’s really a better prayer list than self-improvement project. Transforming us into His image is HIS DEAL. So, what’s our part? Our part is the surrender, the leaning into Him, in the daily. The coming again and again to Him and saying, “I’m Yours, have Your way in me.”


Papa, come transform our fainting hearts into the hearts of warriors. Teach us how to guard the wellspring of life that You put in us by Your Spirit. Teach us how to remain in and fight for love- the highest and most valued commodity in Your Kingdom. We lay before you and say, “Come and wash us with the water of Your word. Come and purify us, make us presentable to Your Father.” (Ephesians 5)  Thank You that You delight in washing and preparing Your Bride. Thank You that Your blood is enough. Thank you that You are able to transform us and present us as perfect. We trust in Your good work, Your ability, and we throw all of our confidence into You. ESTABLISH US IN YOUR LOVE.


One thought on “Love Journey

  1. Agreed. If only more of us Christians could see that it isn’t our hard work that gets us closer to the things of God…but deferring to His will and allowing Him to carry us there. May He fulfill 1st Corinth 13 in all of our lives, for His name’s sake.

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