“Pursue”: to follow in an effort to overtake or capture, to chase.

When I think of the word “pursued” I think of being chased down in the best way possible. I think about Jesus as a lion chasing me down and wrestling me to the ground and tickling me with His nose and we roar with laughter.

We all desire to be pursued. In other words, we all long to be desirable, wanted, accepted, and delighted in! We tend to be good at trying to pretend like we don’t really want this, that we are fine on our own and happy to be independent. But deep down, you want it, and I want it, too. The truth is, we are made to COME ALIVE in this reality of being pursued by Jesus. When I think about Jesus’ pursuit of me, I can’t help but smile and laugh and cry and want to dance!

Maybe you look at your life and see evidence of His pursuit of you, maybe you don’t. Here are some of the things that I meditate on when I need help remembering His pursuit of me:

– I exist. I was a dream in His mind and He fashioned my body, soul, and spirit. He breathed life into me and adopted me His own.    I am alive because He is alive. (Psalm 139 and John 1)
– He is described as Jealous Jealousy. (THINK ABOUT THAT!)  He will not relent until He has all of my heart, mind, soul, and strength. (Deuteronomy 5 and the First Commandment)
– Jesus DESIRES that I would be with Him where He is- that I would be in unity and intimacy with Him for the purpose of fellowship. (John 17)
– I am His BELOVED, and He delights in washing me and presenting me before Him as spotless and radiant. (Ephesians 5)

Jealous Jealousy, All Consuming Fire, Lion of the Tribe of Judah- COME ON! COME AND GET ME! Have ALL of me!

Check out this song and as a personal challenge, I dare you to dance when you listen to it. (I am SO SERIOUS… DANCE!) 🙂


When I lose my way and I forget my name, remind me who I am
In the mirror all I see is who I don’t want to be, remind me who I am
In the loneliest places, when I can’t remember what grace is
Tell me, once again, who I am to You
Tell me, lest I forget, who I am to You, that I belong to You
When my heart is like and I’m running far from home, remind me who I am
When I can’t receive your love, afraid Ill never be enough, remind me who I am
If I’m Your beloved, can You help me believe it
Tell me, once again, who I am to You
Tell me, lest I forget, who I am to You, that I belong to You
I’m the one You love…I’M THE ONE YOU LOVE!



2 thoughts on “Pursued

  1. I loved this blog Dani! I AM HIS BELOVED!!! I bought speakers for my laptop so I could hear VCC’s sermons. I used them on this song and it sounded like a stereo! I danced, sang and listened over and over again. I love it! Chase me Jesus! I love You soooooo much!

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