New Season

Lots of things are shifting right now. Can you feel it?

As the season transitions into Fall, it seems like everything is rearranging. I know that for us in the Dau House, and many close friends and family, that is the case. This morning, I felt like it was time for a fresh “prayer list.” Usually, I think about what I want to see happen and I pray for that. But this morning, it felt like that wasn’t the right way to approach this prayer list. So I waited for a minute and asked Holy Spirit how to do it. I felt an invitation to ask this question:

“Papa, what do You want Your people to ask You for this Fall? What do You want me to ask You for this fall?”

I read this simple definition of intercession today also:

Intercession is speaking to God on behalf of the people. 

While I listened to what He wanted me to ask for, the responses came in song lyrics, Scripture passages, and even teaching points! He speaks in SO MANY ways. When you ask Him what to pray for, He might show you a picture, a color, a face of a person, a nation, a dance, a space that He wants to “take back”, etc.

I felt like He was even teaching me about intercession through this short time. The way that Holy Spirit helped me create this prayer list reminded me that Intercession is God’s Invitation, and it is by His Initiative. When we pray and ask for things in alignment with Him, the things are really His ideas, the dreams of His heart.

So, why does God want us to ask Him for things if they are His ideas- isn’t that redundant? It would be if praying was a separate thing from relationship with Him. When we speak back to Him the things on His heart, it is intimate, it shows that we are in Unity with Him. Have you ever had someone do reflective listening with you before? It is when you share something you are thinking or feeling and the person listening reflects back to you through words what they heard you say. It is a communication technique used to make sure people are understanding one another well.

Papa wants us to listen to Him because He wants to share His heart and thoughts with us. His desire for us to pray comes out of His Father’s heart towards us… “My Child, do you hear My voice? Do you hear Me calling your name? Will you respond to what I am saying?”

In this change of season that is in our midst, I encourage you, take a few minutes to ask Him… “Papa, what do You want me to ask You for this Fall?”



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