Humanity has been fashioned by God to be incredibly needy.

Every part of humanity, our bodies, souls, and spirits, are literally insatiable. We cannot go more than a few hours without feeling the pangs of hunger or tiredness creep up on our bodies. Our minds and hearts (the soul) long for entertainment and fascination. Our spirit within us cries out for more of God everyday. We have been taught by Jesus in the Lord’s prayer that we need “daily bread” and in John 15 Jesus tells us that we cannot do anything apart from Him. We are needy, and God loves this about us.

God loves us in our weakness and vulnerability because it causes us to lean into Him. The ultimate desire of God’s heart is to be in complete unity and unbroken fellowship with His children. We see this desire lived out in the Garden of Eden as the Lord walked with Adam in the cool of the day. And even though sin entered the world through humanity’s disobedience, guess what… the Lord’s desire to be with His children has never changed.

“Father, I want those you have given me to be with me where I am…” John 17:24

This is a remarkable prayer request. This is Jesus, God in flesh asking His Father for something. This is GOD, who NEEDS NOTHING, making a request. And what does He want? What is the desire of His heart? You. To be close to you.

I have been learning lately to embrace the reality of my utter dependence on God even when I don’t feel broken or sad. There is this attitude in the culture I live in that it is okay to lean on people, to need others only in crises or sad times. It is okay to reach out and say, “I need a hug” when something goes wrong. Maybe I am more needy than others, but you know what? I want to be loved on all the time! I want to come before the Lord and say, “I am SO HAPPY right now, I need a hug!”

Maybe that seems a little silly, but this simple revelation has brought me so much freedom to receive love from God and others! I have been learning to not despise my own neediness, but to take all of my needs to the Lord, no matter what season of the soul.  Often we despise our neediness, but this comes in disguised forms. Despising our own neediness can look like stubbornness, unwillingness to receive help, or not letting anybody help us out unless we can pay them back.

It comes down to this, we were designed to need God and each other. That’s why we are called the body of Christ. I feel the Lord’s invitation to cooperate with the way that He made me. He made me to want to be close to Himself and others. I LOVE to be close to Him. ALL THE TIME! I am overjoyed that He wants to be close to me, too. And you, too.


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