Glory Zone

In the middle of the storm, there is a glory zone.

It’s where You are. An invitation to lean, to be close, to remain in intimacy. I want to share about a picture of Jesus that one of my friends had. She was going through an intense season of life where a lot of new things were coming forth and being birthed. She said that it felt like there was a rainstorm going on around her, but there was a refuge from it… the Presence of God, abiding with Him. She said it was like Jesus was underneath of an umbrella and there was just enough room for her and Jesus to fit underneath without her getting rained on. Being under the umbrella didn’t make the rain storm go away, it enabled her to be held in the perfect peace of God in the middle of it.

In the middle of the storm, there is a glory zone. 

Lately, I have felt the boundaries of my internal life being drawn in. My internal life is everything going on “behind the face”- what I am thinking, feeling, choosing to pay attention to on the inside. I have felt the Holy Spirit prompting and shepherding my internal dialogue… and it is getting narrower and narrower what I am “allowed” to dwell upon on the inside of me.

For example, one of the main things is that I am not allowed to be critical of myself or other people. Jesus has showed me again lately that He wants me to handle myself how He does… gently, with patience and kindness. He promises me that as I yield to Him and meditate on the Truth of His word, that He will bring heart transformation.

You and I have an invitation to stay in this place with Him, to stay under His umbrella. In this place, we operate not from earthly paradigms, but from heavenly ones. Being heavenly minded does not mean being useless in earthly or mundane affairs. Being heavenly minded means bringing Heaven’s perspective and strategy into the things of earth. It’s how Jesus taught us how to pray, “Father…let Your kingdom come, let Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

In the middle of the storm, there is a glory zone. 

Holy Spirit, teach us how to abide in this place… in YOU.


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