Songs for Nations

There is a flood of fresh music coming into my life lately, and I am just trying to keep up with it!

The most recent jams on repeat in our house come from Sean Feucht’s album, Songs for Nations. This past week, my husband was away at a men’s retreat in Colorado. While he was gone, I just had a feeling that he was getting to sing some of the choruses on this album… and I was right! It is so cool that as he was in another state learning new music, I was learning the same stuff! The video at the top is a sneak peek of one of my favorite songs called “Finish what You Started.”

The songs on this album were all written in different nations. The musical styles are varied and the melody and words carry prophetic declarations over the nations and individual hearts.

A note about worship music…

As a worship leader, one of the things I have come to believe about music is that it is not just the words that carry a message, but the melody as well. I believe that the Holy Spirit gives people melodies with intention and purpose. I don’t understand how it all works, but it seems to me that an arrangement of notes can carry and reveal a facet of the character of God. This is part of why I think “fresh” worship music is so important, because God is pouring out new revelations of Himself through it. A new sound, a new song, a new side of His face.

Of course, there are classics that I will always love and keep going back to throughout my life. But wow, I am seriously blown away by the fresh stuff coming out lately. Holy Spirit is ON THE MOVE! Let us move with Him!


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