First Love

“You are my first love, You are my only One, Lord there is nothing else for me. Where else can I go, You have my heart, O Lord, You are the only home I need.”

These are lyrics to one of my favorite songs that we have been singing in the Prayer Room over the last month or so. The concept of Jesus as our “first love” comes straight from His own mouth in Revelation chapter 2 where Jesus tells the church in Ephesus that they have forgotten their “first love”… Him.

This is how I think of Jesus as a believer’s “first love”:

Jesus is God. God is Love, and only real Love comes from God. God is the source of Love. We know what Love is when we read about it in Corinthians, when we see God’s shepherding of His people in the Old Testament, and especially when we see Jesus laying it all down for us on the cross.

Without receiving this Love, my “first love”, I have no Love to give. Without knowing how scandalously loved I am by God, I have no capacity to love myself, others, or God. It really is scandalous when you think about how crazy in love God is with a broken and rebellious humanity. But He is.

God is totally lovesick over you. I dare you to ask Him what He thinks about you. Try not to blush when He tells you how beautiful you are to Him, how you are His favorite, how you are like a treasured gem in His hand that He wants to wear all the time. How all He wants to do is be with all the time and gaze in your eyes and kiss your face and do amazing things together like set people free.

We get hung up thinking that the Christian life is about sin management… a list of “dos” and “don’ts” where the mindset is “what should I stay away from.”  I like to think about the Christian life a bit differently… If I am obsessed with the One who is Light and Love and Righteousness, then the things that are not in alignment with Him will become more and more obvious and unappealing. My mission is to see how hard I can lean into Him, how fixated I can be on His constant Presence, and how far I can journey into knowing His heart. The mindset is, “how close can I get to You.”

Ask Him today…

Papa, what do you think of me?


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