Honeycomb Tombs

It is getting close to Autumn. I adore Fall. Cooler temperatures, gentle breezes, warm drinks, cozy clothes, and snuggles. Wow, I could giggle with delight just writing those words! Another thing that complements Autumn well is folk music. Lucky for you (and me!), my dear friend Morgan just shared some music with me… an album that is available for free through mp3 download!

If you have an ear that turns towards earthy acoustic music, then you will probably love Karla Adolphe. She has partnered in music-making with Enter the Worship Circle and this year, she released an album called Honeycomb Tombs.

The heart of the album comes from walking alongside friends in the midst of grieving the loss of a loved one. But don’t think all of the music is a downer. The purpose of it is comfort, and there are lots of sweet melodies, soothing rhythms, a little jazzy at times, and… cello. Yep, if you’re like me, that last word was all you needed to hear and you’re sold.

Actually, I don’t need to sell you on anything. Did I mention the album is FREE? You can get a free mp3 download HERE.

Enjoying the cooler nights,



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