Checking In…

Just wanted to say “hi!” and that I haven’t forgotten about the blogosphere… even though posting clearly hasn’t been 0n my top priority list lately! I have been soaking up some new things lately, so I wanted to share.

One of my top priorities lately has been reading… books, journal articles, and listening to interviews and podcasts. I have been researching and preparing to help equip some midwives with heart preparation in their line of work. I have a real passion to see women healthy in body, soul, and spirit. I have enjoyed being present for the births of one of my friend’s children, and I look forward to being a support to other women as the prepare to be midwives and mamas. I have been finding that my heart comes alive when I think about helping women and their babies (and my teacher’s heart comes alive, too!). A couple of the resources I have really appreciated so far are this book and this article.

Another thing that I have been pressing into lately is the reality of Jesus as THE KEY for everything. He is really the One Thing needed. I love the simplicity of being able to come to Jesus with anything and everything and asking Him questions… and listening for His response. He always has the solution… HE IS the solution. I found a simple key at an antique store and I have been wearing it on a necklace as a reminder of this reality. I have been soaking up a teaching from Heidi Baker that highlights this truth. If you have never listened to a teaching by Heidi Baker, I encourage you to! She is so fun and authentic, and she has great stories! Check out parts one, two, and three.


Thanks for your faithful following!



2 thoughts on “Checking In…

  1. YES JESUS is the KEY! I have been unsure of what to do with my life for quite awhile. I asked The Lord what I should be doing. At first I wasn’t receiving a reply, after several times of asking. I asked a friend to pray for me to (hear). The next time I asked Him he answered through my heart. Praise the Lord! I had my CNA before working as a home health aid and in a nursing home. Before I knew it 2 years had gone by and that’s the time it takes your CNA to expire. I liked that type of work. I am now going to take classes through Hawkeye at Waverly to get my CNA back. Jesus told me to go for the CNA in a way to me like, “Go for the gold”. Not meaning I would be earning “the gold” I want to work part time.

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