Papa is SO BIG…

… and His way of doing things is so much fun!

When I see children singing worship songs, I think, “How CUTE!” When heaven hears children sing worship songs, the angels think, “There they go again, taking those strongholds out!”

“From the mouths and souls of infants and toddlers, You have decreed power to stop Your adversaries and squash those who seek revenge.” Psalm 8:2

For me, the thing that shuts down anxiety in my life faster than anything is the BIG-ness of God. And then when I remember that He is bigger than anything and He loves me with a jealous love…fear doesn’t stand a chance!

“When I gaze to the skies and meditate on Your creation- on the moon, stars, and all You have made, I can’t help but wonder why You care about mortals- sons and daughters of men- specks of dust floating about the cosmos. But you placed the son of man just beneath God and honored him like royalty, crowning him with glory and honor. You ordained him to govern the works of Your hands, to nurture the offspring of Your divine imagination; You placed everything on earth beneath His feet.” Psalm 8:3-6


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