Favorite Friday

I want to share a fun website that I found a couple of months ago through a link that Jimmy Canali shared on Facebook.

Remember Jimmy? He’s the grace jar guy at Ecstatic Expression.

Well, Jimmy shared about NASA’s picture of the day website. “Each day, NASA puts up a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.”  I love the beautiful images that are posted on this site- they remind me of the vastness of God and the power of His creativity! Here’s a little sampling of some of the beautiful images that they put up.

This is the image for today, May 25th.

This image is called “In the center of Omega Nebula”

 On my birthday this year, this was the image put up- I LOVE all the sparkles!

 I use the images on this website to ask the Lord to show me new parts of Him. The beauty and vastness of some of these images helps me to literally see God’s hugeness and His “out-of-the-box-ness”. Come on, Holy Spirit, keep busting open the boxes that we try to contain you in!


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