Favorite Friday

It has been music city around here lately, so I think it’s time to share a different type of resource!

A book that many people in our community have been into lately is The Happy Intercessor by Beni Johnson. Bill and Beni Johnson are the senior leaders of Bethel Church in Redding California. Bethel has been blessed by God to be a blessing to the larger body of Christ. Some of the primary themes of teaching that come out of Bethel leaders, authors, and musicians are honor, revival, and JOY!

The Happy Intercessor is like a drink of fresh, cold water for anyone who is burned out, discouraged, or bored with prayer. This book is what I like to call “a brain flipper, a paradigm shifter.” It really is a problem to have a lot of heavy or obligatory feelings associated with praying because prayer is the main way that God has given us to connect with Him! 

The main emphasis on intercession in this book is that GOD IS ALWAYS BIGGER than any problem, issue, injustice, or brokenness. When we start feeling like the problems of the world are bigger than God’s ability to transform, that should be a red flag to us that something is wrong in our thinking! Here are a few other things that The Happy Intercessor tackles:

– Breaking free of praying from a mindset of fear.

– Understanding spiritual warfare from God’s perspective, not the enemy’s- living offensively, not defensively.

– Creative expression in intercession- breaking out of the boxes that say prayer is a silent, quiet, or stationary thing.

Beni is so disarming and approachable in this book. She shares with honesty from authentic experience, sharing both the good and the ugly! I so appreciate her vulnerability in this book that gives people the “permission” they need to be honest about their prayer lives and walk into a new reality. If you are looking for refreshing in your relationship with Jesus, I encourage you, let this book be a springboard for you! You can buy it here.


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