This morning I was working on a painting that incorporates the blessing, “I am clothed in His favor and worship is my weapon.” I love this blessing that I received a couple months ago. As I was painting the words, I came to the “and worship” part. I thought, “Yep, that’s about right. Whatever happens in life…and…worship.”

It’s like an athletic team gathering and at the end they say, “and…break!” But as followers of Jesus, in EVERY circumstance, we get to say, “and… worship!”

“I feel sad. Aaaaand, worship!”

“I am exploding with joy! Aaaaand, worship!!”

“I am bored. AAANNNNNND, worship!”

“I don’t know what to do. AnnnnnD, WORSHIP”

For me, music helps get my mind and heart to focus on Him. Usually I just listen to one song on repeat. A lot of times I don’t sing though. Sometimes I listen to music and create something. Sometimes I listen to music and take a walk. Sometimes I listen to music and curl up and rest with Him. There is never a time in my day where I “don’t know what to do.” I always know what to do- look at Him- adore Him- love Him- Worship Him.

The invitation for Him and you to meet and be together is ALWAYS available (no matter the circumstances) as far as He is concerned. Will you meet with Him? Will you love Him in every season of the soul?




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