Hunger Games

Do you ever have times when you feel like you can’t go on like you have been going on? That something HAS to change? It is the feeling of that moment right before something is born. It is like, “GET THIS THING OUT OF ME!” The pressure is intense. Natural birth is like this, and spiritual birth is like this, too.

I’m not just talking about becoming Christian, but breakthrough in new territory in the Spirit. This can look like a lot of different things: truth being replaced with lies, revelation of the Love of God, new freedom in places where there was constraint, expression of life where it felt like things were dead.

In this season of corporate fasting at our church, it isn’t surprising that hunger is being stirred up. Hunger for deeper things, hunger for more. It’s painful to feel hunger, but if we press through and stay focused on Him, He WILL bring breakthrough!

Last week, the Lord spoke to me through remembering a scene in the movie, “Hunger Games.” If you aren’t familiar with the story, the main plot is young people fighting for their own survival, in this case, the setting is a mostly a forested area. After about a day and half, the main character, Katniss, is in the woods, and she has not yet found water. She is becoming dangerously dehydrated.

The unique thing about this setting is that there are cameras in the woods that monitor her activity, so there are people literally watching her struggle to find water on their TV screens. One of the people watching is her mentor, Haymitch, who is in charge of rallying people to send needed items to Katniss in her fight for survival.

Katniss is so desperate for water that she thinks she is going to die, and she knows that Haymitch knows this. She feels like he is watching her die and not doing anything about it! Then she has a realization. Haymitch wants her to live, he wants her to survive, so the only reason that he would hold out on sending her water is only because of one reason…He knows she is so close to finding it.

She presses through her desperation and finds what she so desperately needs.

When you feel like you are on the brink, remember these things:

Your heavenly Daddy is GOOD- all the time

He loves to give good gifts to His children

His highest concern is not your level of comfort, but the yielded-ness of your heart to Him

The highest intensity of pressure comes right before the birth




2 thoughts on “Hunger Games

  1. First of all, love the pic sis 🙂 Second, I had the EXACT SAME realization of Haymitch and his not sending the water metaphor. Crazy! Third, I just love that you referenced The Hunger Games. Great post.

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