“Joy Instructs You”

I had a dream last week where there was a table before me with many different bottles of anointing oil. Most of the bottles were quite small, the common 1/4 ounce size that can be carried in a pocket. Labeled with bright colors, I knew that these oils were not just fragrances but actual anointings in the Spirit that carried authority (healing, freedom, hope, etc.).

Three bottles were bigger than the rest, and their labels were not the names of fragrances but the name of the anointing. The first bottle that I was shown had a yellow/goldish label and the name on it was “Joy Instructs You”.

After I woke up I was meditating on this dream and asking the Lord to help me understand what it means to be instructed by Joy. I felt like this anointing was an invitation to have Joy in every circumstance, whether mundane or mystical. I felt like the Lord was saying,

“You will know you are walking in the Spirit when Joy is there. You will know that you are not walking in the Spirit when you can’t find Joy there.” 

I talked with Ben about this dream later in the morning and I was able to explain a bit more about what I felt the context was. Being led by Joy does not mean only doing the things in life that don’t bring you pleasure. For instance, I can’t tell Ben, “I’m not going to clean the house anymore, because it doesn’t bring me Joy, and God told me to be led by Joy.” This invitation to Joy is not to only do the things we “like”, but to let Joy join us in everything we do. There is a sweet quote by Brother Lawrence that sums up this reality with beautiful simplicity…

“I don’t know what God wants to do with me. I am always very happy.”

This quote reveals the heart of Brother Lawrence, a man obsessed with the Presence of God and not distracted by outward circumstances.

Letting Joy join us in what we do is simply acknowledgment of the Lord’s Presence with us in everything we do. Sometimes we don’t have joy because we choose to agree with having a bad attitude, complaining, self-pity, or boredom. Sometimes we don’t have joy because we are just going through the motions to get a task done and we don’t allow for creativity or new ways of doing something.

So, next time you are doing something and there is no joy in it, go ahead and take a risk- ask the Holy Spirit, “How can I invite Joy (His Presence) to be with me right now?” Joy isn’t just happiness, a smile, or a nice emotion; joy is the fullness of His Presence. I declare over you today that fullness of joy is available right now because of the finished work of Jesus!

“In your presence is fullness of joy!” Psalm 16:11


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