I turned 26 a couple of weeks ago. I decided I would share 26 things about myself that you may or may not know about me…

1. I am small in stature, but I don’t often feel like it except when my husband hugs me…or carries me around.

2. I love saturated milk fat. This means heavy whipping cream, ice cream, whole milk, custards…

3. I am learning to be more expressive.

4. I want to write books.

5. I have a very keen sense of sound, I can hear lots of details in music and in life that others seem to overlook. I can mimic sounds and movie quotes well.

6. I was an only child until the age of 18, when my mom remarried and I got an awesome step-sister, Alex.

7. I am a guitar player but I have a musical love affair with percussion…don’t tell my Taylor.

8. I like bright colors for decor in the kitchen.

9. I am A LOT sillier than many think.

10. I am not afraid of public speaking.

11. I don’t think that my grammar is very good in writing. I like to use dashes and …s in writing because it feels like how I think and speak.

12. I have a HIGH value for clear, honest, and compassionate communication.

13. I am an INFJ.

14. I LIKE TO CAPITALIZE WORDS TO SHOW HOW I FEEL, I realize this may be obnoxious to some.

15. I love the Pioneer Woman’s confession section of her blog. (Showin some P-DUB love!)

16. Half of me would love to live a nearly totally secluded life in the woods.

17. Ben and I don’t have television or internet at home. (But we do have smart phones) We are not anti-tv or internet, we just don’t have it for this season of life.

18. I dream of recording music with an amazingly talented and anointed worship team, in a big living room, with hard wood floors, lamps with soft light, comfy leather furniture, filled with a background choir of people who love Jesus.

19. I am unbelievably kind if I “wake up” while sleeping. My kindness is demonstrated to Ben by pulling his covers up, patting his back, and making sympathetic noises like “awww…”

20. I am a bike horn in a sea of flutes.

21. Ben and I have our own language made up of shortened and repeated words.

22. Our car is affectionately named “the pimp mobile” because of it’s low ride and gangster good-looks.

23. I love herbal teas…peppermint, chamomile, and my new fave apple cinnamon (Celestial Seasonings is my favorite brand).

24. I highly appreciate a good beard.

25. I navigate my world by smell.

26. My name means Beloved.


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