Make some NOISE!

Since I came back from the Toth Retreat, worship is different for me- more expressive, louder, more fun. I learned that INTENSITY in worship MATTERS, not in a “get-yourself-worked-into-an-emotional-frenzy-for-the-sake-of-feeling-high” way, but in a “I-am-making-a-choice-right-now-to-ENGAGE-because-YOU-are-worthy-Jesus” way.

It’s true, that we are not always going to FEEL like engaging in worship. In these times, we may have thoughts like, “Well, I don’t want to raise my hands if I’m not “into” it- I don’t want to be fake or religious.” And it’s TRUE- we don’t want to be religious or fake it…but sometimes worship is not a matter of emotion but of the will. We can, like David, instruct our SOULS (thoughts, feelings, will) to worship:

“Praise the Lord, oh my soul, all my inmost being, praise His holy name!” Psalm 103

He’s saying, “COME ON, SOUL! Line up with WHO HE IS- HE is WORTHY of PRAISE, right now, SO GET WITH IT, SOUL!” Haha, or you be like my friend, Bre, who is convinced that her “soul” is right at the top of her tummy, so she looks at it, points to it, and says, “SOUL! Worship GOD!”

Our flesh- our bodies, our human frailty- gets tired. But guess what, the Spirit of God doesn’t! Jesus instructed His followers, “The flesh is weak, but the Spirit is WILLING.” Sometimes we CHOOSE to engage in worship, and as we do it, the rest of us comes into alignment with our will.

One way I choose to engage in worship is by making NOISE- singing LOUD, moving, dancing, and lately, using my new friends, “ankle bells” and “egg shaker”. These little gems are the things I purchased for myself for my birthday (2 sets of ankle bells and 2 egg shakers for 13 bucks!), and now they are usually a part of my daily worship time.

There is something about rhythm, keeping the beat with music. We do this by singing along, clapping, or making noise. I felt like the Lord was speaking to me about making noise- that keeping the beat with a song is an outward sign of showing agreement. When I come into ALIGNMENT physically by keeping the beat to music, I am coming into AGREEMENT internally with the message of the music. This is important and I believe affects things in the spiritual realm, so, pay attention to the message of the music that you come into agreement with!


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