Favorite Friday

I am so excited about these new (to me) tunes! I gave you a bit of a sneak preview of this album earlier this week. On the Shores by Melissa and Jonathan David Helser is the duos’ newest album (available on iTunes), released late February this year. Their worship is honest and has an earthy “unhinged” feel.

The “unhinged” thing came to me yesterday as I was searching for words to describe the Helser’s music. I had a picture of the hinges of a door, providing boundary for the door, but sometimes in life (and in music!) there is a time to just take the door off! They really go for it in worship and when I listen to it I can feel the anointing of the time when they were recording. It will make you want to bust out your ankle bells…guaranteed.

Themes of this album are freedom, the perfect love of God conquering fear, and intimacy with God. On the Shores is a stand-up-and-shout album with tender times too. Check them out and see if you love their music as much as I do. Here is the album promo:


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