Joy to Pentecost

Today, I am embarking on a new journey! When I went to Toth in February, one of the things I left with was an awareness of some new resources that the Lord was inviting me to encounter Him in. There were 2 books in particular (Champagne for the Soul- Rediscovering God’s Gift of Joy and The Happy Intercessor) that were mentioned at the retreat and have not left my mind.

I could have picked up the books right when I got back at the end of February, but for whatever reason I didn’t, even as the thought of them traveled into my mind from time to time. More tangible reminders started up a few weeks ago when I was telling a friend as we were traveling to a prayer meeting, “I really think I need to read that book, The Happy Intercessor.” At the end of the prayer meeting we attended, one of the women there said, “I have a copy of chapter 4 of The Happy Intercessor for everyone to take home!”. One week later, I read a friend’s blog; at the end of her post, she says, “If you want to read more about joy intercession, I highly recommend ‘The Happy Intercessor’ by Beni Johnson.”

I got the hint. And a copy of the book.

The timing of pressing into this theme of JOY is perfect. In this season, the church that my husband and I are a part of, Vineyard Community Church, is pressing into a time of fasting until Pentecost at the end of May. I am greatly anticipating the breakthrough that God is going to bring during and after this season of fasting. When we fast (whether corporately or individually) we are saying, “God, I want MORE of you more than I want food (or whatever it is that we are “giving up”).

Isn’t it just like Jesus to invite me to experience JOY while I am supposedly deprived of the comfort of some foods?!

Go, Vineyard, Go! Let’s press into the FULLNESS of what He has for our families and community. God, empty us of everything worthless so we can be FILLED with the fullness of You!


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