Favorite Friday

As I mentioned in the Tunes section of this blog, I am not a “hunter” of fresh and anointed worship music. But, I certainly am a “gatherer” of it! Today I want to share the primary places that I find good tunes!

1. IHOP Limited Edition

The house of prayer in Kansas City, MO, IHOP, has a 24/7 prayer room that has been running since 1999- thats 13 YEARS of UNBROKEN musical worship and prayer! You can check out the prayer room HERE. Accessing the prayer room archive sets or watching it live is FREE- thanks IHOP!

Besides providing access to the Prayer Room, IHOP has a “Limited Edition” Club. What this means is that, for 10 bucks every 2 months, you get an album (electronic or CD- your choice) that has recordings of the “best of the prayer room” for that 2 month period. The “best” is determined by people who vote for their favorite sets on the website. By being a registered member on IHOP’s website (for free), you can vote too!

I LOVE the Limited Edition albums- they are often a combination of soaking music, prophetic oracles, and powerful intercession times. Check out the Limited Edition page HERE. Some of the music I have shared on this blog has been from the LE Albums.

2. The Belief Project

The Belief Project is a branch of Toth Ministries. Every month or every couple of months, one of their staff, Adam, puts up a playlist of stuff he has been listening to lately. It is here that I have learned about new (for me) artists. I so appreciate this resource and the time that Adam puts into putting playlists together and sharing a bit about how the songs are helping him connect with Jesus. Check out their worship section HERE.

Welp, those are the resources I am sharing for today! If you have places where you get fresh music- please share in the comments section!


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