A Place Prepared

Yesterday I spent some time at a friend’s home. She had set the table, prepared some food, offered me a warm drink. She knew I was coming over, so she prepared a space. Preparing spaces is something that I love to do to, too. When my small group gals come over- I prepare hot water, set out all the tea I can find, light candles, usually turn on music, and make sure the living room is tidy and inviting.

It is so important to prepare spaces for people to be in. When you walk into a space prepared for you, no matter how simple, it communicates something important…”I thought of you, I planned for you, I am glad to make a space for you, I want you here.”

As I was leaving my friend’s home yesterday, I was thinking about Jesus and my heart was overflowing with love and gratitude thinking about all the preparations He is making for His children- to welcome them home soon. Before going to the cross, Jesus told His followers that He was going away to prepare a place for them.

“My Father’s home is designed to accommodate all of you. If there were not room for everyone, I would have told you that. I am going to make arrangements for your arrival. I will be there to greet you personally and welcome you home, where we will be together.” John 14:2-3

Besides preparing a specific space for each of us to live, He will also serve us a meal at the end of the age called the Wedding Supper of the Lamb.

The Eternal, Commander of heavenly armies, is preparing a feast…with aged wine and good food, the finest wine and choicest meat.” Isaiah 25:6

We also get a glimpse of King Jesus serving this meal from the parable in Matthew 22:

“The Kingdom of heaven is like a king whose son was getting married. The king organized a great feast, a huge wedding banquet. (The King sent out His servants to gather people, they said…) ‘The King has prepared a great feast! Everything is ready!'”

Preparing food, building and decorating rooms seems like tedious work, so why doesn’t God just command the angels to do it? I don’t understand fully (just like we don’t understand anything fully, yet) but I think I caught a glimpse of His heart yesterday as He was speaking to me about this…

Preparing food and creating spaces isn’t unimportant or secondary. It is really important to God! And although we are sometimes limited by resources and time in this age, God isn’t limited, and He is SO DELIGHTED to create a hand crafted space and home made food just for you. He knows just what you like, the deepest desires of your heart, and He can’t wait to surround you with sights and sounds and smells and things that immerse you in His Love and Affection all of the time.

I imagine Him with a big smile on His face as He shows you the room He has prepared for you in the city He built. He will say “Welcome HOME…” and the word “home” will resonate in you for all eternity.


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