Hope for Restoration

A few weeks ago I listened to this song from a Limited Edition Album:

“He Restores” is a spontaneous song that came from meditation on the early verses of Psalm 23, and especially vs.3:

“…He restores my soul.” or “He makes me whole again.”

A simple phrase that probably many Christians know, as Psalm 23 is one of the most well-known and beloved songs of the Psalms.  To begin to grasp the weightiness of this short phrase, the “soul” must be defined; how else are we to know what it IS exactly that He is restoring?

Although our human definitions of complex and deep things are not complete nor do they fully reveal the thing being defined- especially something as intricate as the human SOUL- it is helpful to at least have a simple definition. The human soul, as I have been taught and seen in Scripture, is comprised of the MIND, the WILL and the EMOTIONS. In other words, how we THINK, what we DO and our MOTIVATION for doing, and how we FEEL about things.

So try out Psalm 23:3 this way (my own paraphrase)- “Jesus, my Good Shepherd and Perfect Leader, is able to COMPLETELY change, transform, renew, and heal the way that I think, the way that I feel, and the reasons why I do the things I do.” 

WOW! This is the work that our God is in the “business” of doing! This statement uttered by David under the influence and power of the Holy Spirit is not just a fact or a quote intended to give us the “warm fuzzies”. This statement is a powerful and defiant promise.

Why do I say “defiant”?

The hope that God actually has the power to CHANGE us, for real, is incredibly offensive to human nature where we like to give ourselves every reason and excuse to stay in destructive patterns of relating and living.

“I’m just a lazy person, my family was lazy, so I guess I am too.” “I just don’t like to eat healthy food.” “I’m always late.” “I just don’t have any self-control.” “I get mad sometimes and take it out on the people around me, I can’t help it, it’s just how I am.”

Pick your vice, we all have a place where we are prone to feel hopeless about change. BUT… GOD RESTORES. He changes the way we think, feel, and what we do as we submit ourselves to His loving leadership and ask for His HELP and GRACE to walk according to the Spirit and not the flesh.

I have heard a testimony of God actually changing a person’s taste for food, literally, changing her appetite to desire healthy food instead of junk food. I share this to say: There is no part of our life that is off limits to God’s desire to bring fullness of LIFE and HEALTH. 

There is HOPE for change in Christ. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has gone, the new has come!” 2 Corinthians 5:17  This change is a journey, a process, and invitation- it is challenging and difficult and beautiful and joyful!

Will you accept His invitation to yield every part of yourself to His leadership? He gave you all of Him, and He wants all of you. If you need hope for change in the way that you think, in the way that you feel and respond, or the things that you do, I encourage you to engage in worship to the song in this post.


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