Favorite Friday

Nefarious: infamous by way of being extremely wicked

This favorite Friday is more than a tune, a thing, or a read- it is one of the most pressing justice issues of our day. The news is spreading quickly that there are more slaves today than there ever have been before.

Modern day slaves are people held captive in forced labor or for sexual purposes (often a combination)- think the movie “Taken”. But don’t just think of the movie Taken- human trafficking takes many forms, from kidnapping and child soldiering to legalized prostitution and immigrants promised good wages and work opportunities interlaced with sinister motivation.

I am bringing all of this up because there is a  unique opportunity coming to the Cedar Valley area later this month. A documentary that captures the global dynamics of human trafficking will be shown at IHOPE House of Prayer on Saturday, April 28th. Nefarious: Merchant of Souls is a documentary that Ben and I were privileged to see (along with about 15,000 others) at the One Thing conference this past December. Here is the link to the event page on the IHOPE website.

If you are interested in learning more, you can do some of your own research about Nefarious here. Also, my friend Morgan has a blog about human trafficking so if you are looking to learn more about, check out her thoughts here.


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