A Picture of Re-Alignment

A few weeks ago while I was driving to IHOPE, the Lord showed me a picture of what it looked like as I was fixated on my failures and mistakes. Here’s the picture:

At first, all I could see was a big black mess that was taking up all of my vision- I knew that this represented the mistake I had made. The picture zoomed out some and I saw a picture of myself crouching down with a magnifying glass in my hand, looking at a speck (my mistake) in my hand. I was really leaning in and totally fixated on looking at this object.

The words “bloated perspective” and “fixated on self” accompanied this first scene.

Then, Jesus (Jesus!), who was REALLY big, picked that little speck out out of my hand and held it in His hand. It was about the size of a poppy seed in His hand. He looked at the speck, and then blew it right out of His hand  and got rid of it!

When the speck was gone, I was able to see Jesus, and HE was SO BIG! I thought that the speck (my mistake) was so big, but in fact, Jesus is so big. Then there was nothing to do but worship and praise Him for the cross, taking my sin, covering me with His blood and washing me with His water.

Let me be clear, sin is not an insignificant thing. Jesus wasn’t saying to me, “Oh, it’s no big deal that you have sin in your life and you hurt people sometimes.” He was saying, “Amy, that sin? I took care of it, I paid for it, it is mine. So could you just look at Me again so we can get back the party?”


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