The Voice of God

I have been thinking lately about the VOICE of God. How it is amazing that an invisible thing like the sound of a voice can have great intensity and MOVE tangible things. Something INVISIBLE can MOVE and SHATTER tangible things. I need a physicist in my life so I can ask them questions about things like this! BTW, I realize wind and other forces may be similar, but just humor me and join in with my amazement. 🙂

After I had been thinking about the strength of the Voice of God, I came across this gem of a prophetic song about the Voice of God. I love finding music on my iPod I didn’t even know I had! Thanks Audra Lynn and the Limited Edition team at IHOP:

The Scriptures sung in this song are from Psalm 29 and Song of Songs ch.2 and ch.5

 God’s voice is full of POWER! I love the imagery in Psalm 29:

“The Eternal’s voice shatters the cedars; His power splinters the great cedars of Lebanon. He speaks, and Lebanon leaps like a young calf…

The Eternal’s voice brings life from the doe’s womb; His voice strips the forest bare, and all the people in the temple declare, “Glory!”

His voice contains power to break down strong things, to release joy (!!!), and to call forth life. 

The release of the Voice of God causes worship to arise in the hearts of His people.

More thoughts to come about the voice of God…


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