Favorite Friday

I know it’s a few days late, but there is so much good stuff to share that I just can’t skip a Fave Friday! update…apparently that might happen from time to time- not because there is a lack of good stuff but because I am fallible. ha!

I love hearing stories and testimonies of how “Aslan is on the move.” Some people don’t know He is on the move in ways that He is! Holy Spirit is the great change agent of God- He is God!- and He causes change in all dimensions of life- the unseen and intangible, and the seen and tangible. In the past AND present there are lots of testimonies going forth about amazing things- like miraculous healing, supernatural multiplication of food, and people being raised from the dead. For reals.

If this stuff sounds unbelievable, let’s remind ourselves of the words of Jesus to His followers in John 14:

“11Accept these truths: I am in the Father, and the Father is in Me. If you have trouble believing based on My words, believe because of the things I have done. 12I tell you the truth: whoever believes in Me will be able to do what I have done, but they will do even greater things, because I will return to be with the Father. 13Whatever you ask for in My name, I will do it so that the Father will get glory from the Son. 14Let Me say it again: if you ask for anything in My name, I will do it.”

So I want to share with you a website where some of these things are chronicled. Healing Herald is “an on-line newspaper  reporting on testimonies of supernatural healing all over the world.”

Another place to find stories is HERE, the newsletter page of Iris Ministries- Heidi and Rolland Baker’s ministry. Heidi Baker has a nearly 100% success rate of blind eyes seeing and deaf ears hearing when she and the children of her ministry pray for the blind  and deaf in Mozambique.

If you have places where you hear about stories, or if you have your own stories of how Aslan is on the move, please share!


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