Monday Morning Jams

Classic Laura:

When I am afraid I will trust in You
When I’m overcome I will cling onto

The Rock that is higher, He’s higher
The Rock that is higher,
When my enemy’s too strong for me
I don’t know how to fight the fear

That comes against my heart and mind
I call upon the name of Christ
He’s higher, He’s higher, He’s higher
When my enemy’s surrounding me
He comes to steal my joy, my peace

I let go of my reasoning
And fall upon the Rock
That is higher, He’s higher
I will not build my life upon the passing sands
Of how I feel inside from one moment to the next
But I will love you Lord, my Rock, my God, my Strength
A precious cornerstone that floods of death can never shake

For there is no peace of mind, outside of truth in Christ
For the fear is real and it’s power can kill
But the stability of our times, the stability of our times
Will be the Rock that is higher, He’s higher
The Rock that is higher

© 2009 Laura Hackett/Forerunner Music (ASCAP)
3535 E. Red Bridge Rd., Kansas City, MO 64137 USA | contact:
All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured.


4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Jams

  1. Love the song! I always appreciate finding good music. If you haven’t heard of Samestate, you should check them out. They’re a good band and just released their first full length album called the Alignment. The lead guy’s father is a pastor at the church I am currently attending. Also, loved your post being “His treasure.” Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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