Access to God

Last week during a prayer time with a friend, the Lord was changing my perspective about relating to God and relating to other people. Do you know what it is like to carry guilt? The guilt of saying things you wish you wouldn’t have said, done things you wish you wouldn’t have done. Dang, that stuff is heavy to carry around.

When we mess up, we need to admit it. We need to confess our yuck to God and do whatever we can do to make things right, like apologizing and asking forgiveness. Sometimes even when this is done in sincerity, we still experience emotions of heaviness and regret over our mistakes. But that probably means that we have taken our eyes off Papa and put them on ourselves.

We don’t do ANYONE a favor when we put ourselves on “probation” after we make mistakes. We need to claim that God’s forgiveness is real and His Blood is Sufficient- regardless of the response of the person who we wronged.

What I mean is this… we probably all have relationships in the past where some messy things happened, and we may not even be in contact with those people anymore. We cannot carry around the burden of how they have chosen to respond to us (or NOT respond), especially after we have done everything we can to make things right.

SO, back to this prayer time I was in…

The Lord was inviting me to release ones to Him that I have hurt with my words or actions, and you know what He said to me?

“There is nothing you can do to limit the access someone has to Me. They have the same access to Me and My healing that you do, and you cannot keep them from wholeness in Me.” 

THIS BLEW UP MY BOX! He, once again, reminded me of how BIG He is and how ABLE TO RESTORE He is.

This reality is expressed in Romans chapter 8:

“38For I have every confidence that nothing—not death, life, heavenly messengers, dark spirits, the present, the future, spiritual powers, 39height, depth, nor any created thing—can come between us and the love of God revealed inthe Anointed, Jesus our Lord.”

Here are further meditations I have had about this reality:

1. Everyone has access to God at any time they want as they seek Him in sincerity- I cannot take that from anyone, and no one can take that from me.

2. My access to God also cannot be increased by anyone except God. In reality- I have complete access to Him ALL OF THE TIME.

3. As a minister to people, I cannot decrease or increase anyone’s access to God by what I do or fail to do. “Access to God” is the way made by Him alone. (This means there is NO PRESSURE for me to worry about how people respond to what I say or do!)

4. No one has the power to keep me from wholeness in the Father, either by what they have done or failed to do.


6 thoughts on “Access to God

  1. This encourages me in my prayer times when for example i can’t feel anything and i start wondering: “is He upset with me that’s why He won’t let me come close?” Thank you for sharing what the Lord teaches you!

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