Color Reminders

Here is another prop from the infinite storehouse of creativity found in Holy Spirit!

I felt like the Lord spoke to me specifically about my hands at the Toth Retreat. I felt like He said, “I am bringing you into a season where I will show you how to handle yourself and others like I do.” For me, this mostly pertains to not having a critical attitude towards myself or other people. To have this reality manifested in my life, I felt the Lord was inviting me to stop picking at my nails and hands- a habit I have had for, let’s see, pretty much my whole life. For me, that habit was a sign that I was “picking on myself.”

Now I am being intentional about filing my nails and taking care of my cuticles. It may seem silly, but when I take time to do that I ask the Spirit to minister to me and teach me how to handle myself and others- with care and intention like He does. Then I felt like His invitation went one step further- PAINTED NAILS. Not a big deal, but my nails have not been painted since, let’s see, my wedding 4 and half years ago!

I am choosing to paint my nails the color that represents what the Lord is inviting me to receive from Him in this season, and in turn, what He is inviting me to pour out into others. Right now, my color is aqua!

For me, aqua represents healing, tranquility or peace, and intercession.

Seeing this color on my hands is such a great reminder for me of what God has for me in each season- especially when I put my hands on someone’s shoulder to pray for them, I see that color, and I release the reality that the color represents. This prop is probably one that only gals would be into, so guys, it is up to you to use color in other creative ways! Color can be used as a prop through scarves, clothing, makeup, paint on walls in a room, a piece of art, and lots of other ways! Make your atmosphere reflect what God is doing in you.


4 thoughts on “Color Reminders

  1. I never noticed you picking at your nails! Now I remember you showing me your painted nails last weekend. I didn’t praise you much for that, so I’m praising you now for taking care of your nails and sharing this message!

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