Favorite Friday

From my post earlier this week, it is no surprise that the way things smell is really important to me. So I wanted to share today about the company that makes the anointing oils that I have been using.

Abba Oil was established in 2006 and this is what they are all about:

“Our goal is to offer the world’s finest anointing oil in the biblical fragrances of Frankincense & Myrrh, Spikenard, Myrrh, Cedars of Lebanon, Hyssop, and other “spiritually-rich” fragrances, using as close to the ancient methods of compounding as were used in the early temple days.”

So far, Abba has 12 fragrances available in the form of anointing oil. They also have many of the same fragrances available in candle form and some for bath and spa use (salts, soaps, etc.). Fragrances wake up the senses and it has been so meaningful to me to know that the fragrances I wear have meaning to God!

I have used one other brand of anointing oil before and it was good, but the fragrance of the oils I recently purchased from Abba is so much richer. I’m sure there are other good oil companies out there, but you can’t go wrong with Abba! Here is the variety pack that I got this week, it has 12 of the 13 fragrances.

Here is a brief run down of what the fragrances represent, with links to further explanation:

Frankincense: intercession, sacrifice  Exodus 30:34-35

Myrrh: purification, dying to self and preparation for the King  Esther 2:12

Hyssop: (Holy Fire): cleansing, purification  Psalm 51:7

Cedars of Lebanon: strength, permanence, wholeness, restoration  Psalm 92:12

Pomegranate: fruitfulness, abundance, blessings, favor of God  Song of Solomon 7:12

Spikenard: intimacy, extravagant worship  John 12:2-3

Cassia: kingly humility, with a servant’s heart  Psalm 45:8

Rose of Sharon: beauty of the Bride  Song of Solomon 2:1

Lily of the Valley: honor and purity of heart Song of Solomon 2:1

Henna: emotional tenderness  Song of Solomon 1:14, Psalm 51:17

Ketubah: marriage covenant  Revelation 19:7-9


One thought on “Favorite Friday

  1. I’d like to try some of this annointing oil. Does it just come in packages? How much does it cost. Please reply to me by email: kathy.jrs@gmail.com. Thanks for sharing Amy!
    Your sister in Christ,

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