Personal Belief Project

“Belief: to credit with veracity, to hold dear, to love” – heard it from Matt Toth

A few weeks ago I shared about a simple tool that reminds me of the promises of God. This tool is a little booklet called The Belief Project that is published by Toth Ministries. I love the words, graphics, prayers, and stories that are shared in The Belief Project- they even leave space at the end for you to write in the specific words that God speaks to you.

But I know what they were really getting at when they published that little guy…they were tempting me to make my own šŸ˜‰

Well, it worked! At the retreat I went to recently, I found the perfect little journal for me to create my own belief project- small, un-lined paper, and thick enough paper to use markers or glue stuff on to it.

One of the things I have gleaned from the retreat is the importance of CREATIVE EXPRESSION. It takes courage to create something new, something “artistic”, because the chance of imperfection and making mistakes is high. But creating is important, it is freeing, it is refreshing, and it is part of humanity being image bearers of our Creator God.

In my little belief project, I have just enough space on each page for a few words and a doodle, or a cut-out from a magazine. Each page is a space for me to write and remember quotes or the specific words the Lord speaks to me through others, through the Word, or through His Spirit. Each page is a mini-art project that doesn’t take too long for me to put together, so it isn’t intimidating to me like a blank canvas or even an 8×10 blank page. Here is one of my entries that I hope will be an inspiration to you:

The big take away from this prop is this: make sure you have a space where you are writing down and meditating on the specific things the Lord is speaking to you. In the busyness of daily life, go for a QUALITY approach instead of QUANTITY. New sermons, the latest books by our favorite authors, and reading big chunks of the Bible are all good things, but let me ask you this… are you meditating on and fighting for the specific promises the Lord has given you? It’s fine if you can argue the fine points of theological issues, but do you really BELIEVE (see above definition) some of the basic things that Jesus taught His disciples… like God the Father loves mercy, He welcomes prodigals home with a party, and His Father loves us with the same affection He has toward His Son. If we have read the whole Bible but don’t really live it, who do we think we are impressing?

It’s time for us to fight for the life-giving words that the Father speaks to us. It’s time to get simple, intentional, and live mystical lives in the mundane.


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