I have been back in Iowa for about a week now, processing what the Lord did at the retreat I went to. The Lord is so kind (and SO faithful!)- the work He does in us is not just for us, but for others!  There is some really good PRACTICAL stuff I learned from Toth Ministries about connecting with Jesus on a daily (moment-ly) basis, or, as they would say, “On a Tuesday.”

The first thing I want to share is about using PROPS.

In Old Testament Jewish culture, the Lord instructed the Israelites about how to live- and did He ever INSTRUCT them! The Jews were given rules about what to wear, what to eat, how to settle disagreements, how to deal with disease and personal hygiene, how to maintain right relationship with each other, and how to maintain right relationship with God.

Being overwhelmed by the detail and quantity of Old Testament laws, we can look at the Old Testament rules as given by a Taskmaster who is interested in micro-managing people to satisfy His need for control. OR, we can see the Heart of a Father, who knowing that His children are so prone to distraction and waywardness, longed to give His children practical, meaningful, and constant reminders of who God is and who He says they are.

Think today of young children, 3, 4, and 5 year olds, who have their favorite clothes. It might be a tutu, pajamas displaying their favorite character, their Halloween costume, sparkly shoes, or cowboy boots. Whatever the clothing is, they love it, and they want to wear it all the time, no matter the place, and they don’t care if people laugh at them. Why? Because they like it and it makes them feel good!

I just want to say…adults are NOT too old for props! To wear things, to decorate our spaces, and have tangible things in our lives that remind us of the One we LOVE and who He says we are!

It is a demonstration of dependance on God to use props in our life. It is acknowledging, “I need to be reminded, A LOT, of who He is and who I am in Him.” It is a declaration of dependance on God to embrace the childlikeness of using props at the risk of looking silly to others.

I will share in the next few days about some of the tools I am presently using as props. I am so excited about the creativity and expression that the Holy Spirit releases as I journey with Him in this relatively unchartered territory of my life.

What are things you do or use in your daily life to remind you of who God is and who you are in Him?


One thought on “Props

  1. I have a scetch of Jesus done by a local artist, a grace and mercy small poster, praying hands and a Ansel Adams print of a church mural (bought at Trinkets and Togs for a decent price) all to remind me of God. However they are in our spare bedroom (Dale’s choice), but if we move like we hope to maybe I can put them in more prominent places! 🙂

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