Favorite Friday

I got lots of treasures from the retreat I just got back from. One of my favorites is my new water jug, or “Grace Jar”. Grace jars are given prophetic themes by their maker, Jimmy Canali. Each one is uniquely made in Colorado and affectionately called “Jimmy Jugs” by the peeps at Toth Ministries.

There were about 15 jugs for sale at the retreat, but there was only one that I knew was mine. The “Joy Jug” captured my heart! Whenever I drink out of it, this is what I see:

My Joy Jug is such a great reminder for me of the accessibility of the promises of God and His invitation for me to drink deeply of the Living Water of JOY that He offers! Here are some other views:

I am sharing this because you too can have YOUR OWN specially designed JUST FOR YOU Jimmy Jug! Check out Jimmy’s website here. There you will find the gallery of jugs he has already made and contact info for you to get your own. I cannot recommend these highly enough for daily reminders of the grace of God. What a cool and MEANINGFUL gift to give someone else, too! Thanks Jimmy for your willingness and courage to create!



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