Favorite Friday

The power of STORY. The power of TESTIMONY.

Jesus taught the masses and his closest friends using parables and telling stories. Our stories are powerful. One person’s story can be powerful enough to change another person’s story.

I remember attending a retreat at Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp when I was in 8th grade. A young gal shared about how she looked for life everywhere- in popularity, in beauty, in musical accomplishment, in academic achievement, in athletic competition. She said that all of those wells had a bottom, and when you got there, you would still be thirsty. She said Jesus was a bottomless well, and He is the giver of life. The expression on her face when she shared her story told me she was for real. I believed her. Even though there is not a time in my life where I didn’t believe in God, hearing that story was the thing that made me say in my heart, “I’m all in, I’m going after Jesus.”

What I want to share today is a resource full of stories. I AM SECOND is a website where people (some ordinary ones, some  “famous” ones) share their stories about how they are “second”. They share testimonies of  how Jesus became first in their life and how now they live in second place. What a relief to live in second place!

There are lots of different types of testimonies, all categorized for you. I have not seen all of these videos, but some of them have more intense themes (freedom from addictions, etc.), so this may not be a website to share with everyone you know- use discretion.

On the website they also sell these cool bracelets which could be used as a conversation piece for sharing your own story.


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