Seeing the “True Self”

Last week at the House of prayer, I felt like God showed me a fresh picture of what intercession looks like.

Often when praying for people, you may hear someone say, or you may say: “God, I lift “so-and-so” up to You. I ask that….” I have been practicing exercising my imagination more and more lately when I talk with God, so I have been imagining the person I am praying for being lifted up off the earth and being set before God in His throne room as I pray for him/her. In this imagining, I am on the earth and lifting the person “up” before God.

After imagining this many times when praying for people, I feel like God somewhat “flipped” my picture of intercession around last week. In the way He showed me, when I am praying for others, I am sitting with Him in heavenly places. This concept comes straight out of Ephesians 2:6- “And God raised us up and seated us with Christ in heavenly places…” 

So in my “new” picture of intercession, I imagine myself with Jesus on His throne and together, we call out a name from the earth and that person is “lifted up” before the throne where Jesus and I pray together for that person. I love praying this way because I get to ask Jesus questions, like, “Jesus, what do you see in this person? How are You praying for him/her?” It is amazing how beautiful people are in the presence and light of God! All of their false self just falls off and you pray for the greater release of their true self.

The “true self” is how Jesus sees the ones washed in His blood. Covered in His blood, the Father sees us perfected, completely forgiven, totally whole. Like it says in Hebrews: “By one sacrifice he (Jesus) forever made perfect those who are being made holy.” 

This whole “true self” business might seem kind of far fetched, but I would beg to differ! When Jesus met Simon- a simple fisherman prone to hastiness and extremes- He looked past everything on the outside and called him “Cephas”, the rock.

We are invited into the same “business”- the calling out of people’s true selves, made new through the power of the cross. So this is my challenge to you…sit down with the Lord, and while your spirit is seated with Him in heavenly places, “lift up” the people in your life that you have difficulty with and ask Jesus how He sees them. Then, from the place of seeing past everything on the outside, pray with Jesus in accordance with how He sees them.



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