Favorite Friday


I thought I’d better share about this treat before it gets too warm in Iowa to drink it! The winter has been warmer than usual, but just wait, March will come and be colder than December. Yep, it would be just like Iowa to pull a trick like that.

Today’s favorite is a gem of a hot (or cold for that matter) drink. I first had chai at Winter Park Colorado about 9 years ago. It is pretty common now in most coffee shops. But let me tell you, not all chai is created equally. My favorite chai in shops is Panera chai or from the coffee shop at Winter Park ski resort.

Chai is a sweet and cinnamony drink where black tea with spices is combined with milk. Best with whole milk, but what isn’t best with whole milk? Some people say if you like pumpkin pie you will like chai.

For chai at home, David Rio mixes are really good. My favorite is the vanilla chai mix. If you live in my area, don’t worry, I’ve already contacted hyvee and requested that they carry this product. And they carry it now!  Go get some before it’s all snatched up by my small group gals!

There are lots of other kinds of Chai that David Rio makes, check out their on-line store here.


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