The “before”

I am going to embark on a new hair adventure soon. I have had many hair adventures, from long, straight, hippy hair to a really short buzz. I have a bad habit of not getting my hair cut frequently, which is pretty important for short hair cuts- about every 3 to 6 weeks. I get my hair cut every 2 and a half (or so) months. Which results in the issues you see below, namely, “Beiber bangs”, wingdings, and mullet beginnings.


My “Bieber bangs”. Apparently with my “Beiber bang” face.  They have been causing me whiplash lately.



The part covering my ear is what I affectionately call my “wingdings”. What’s that there by my neck? You guessed it, the beginnings of a mullet. I know that part is getting too long when it starts blowing in the wind.

Here is the cut I will be going for on Saturday…

Bye bye Beiber bangs, hello forehead! Time to get trimmed up in anticipation of spring. Check back on Saturday to see how it goes!


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